Christmas Lights


Christmas Lights in Goffstown,NH

Alicia Duval, Staff Writer

The Christmas season has begun, and walking in to Bass Pro, the holiday decorations are up. The fake snow is scattered everywhere and the Christmas spirit is shining off of it. Christmas music is playing throughout the store, and people are running around like mad men. Holiday shopping has already begun, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Kids are jumping up and down all excited for the Winter Wonderland section. The line is all the way outside the store, filled with children who are waiting their turn to see Santa.

Bass Pro is a popular store for many adults. Around the holiday season this store goes all out. They have Santa for the kids, and holiday decorations up all around the store. They even have a winter wonderland full of stations for young children to go to. The winter wonderland has arts and crafts and activities for the children. The store is very festive, and prepares for the holiday season.

Riley Johansen, a student at GHS works Bass Pro. Riley dreads the holiday season. The store in his opinion is crazy busy. Riley said  “ the store is really hectic, it’s full of excited children waiting for santa and there is never a free moment”. Riley thinks November is way too early for Santa to be at his store, because it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

Walmart is another store that has their decorations up before Thanksgiving. They already released their Christmas toy book for children, and are advertising all their Christmas deals that they will be doing this holiday season. They have a Santa for kids to see too, which makes the store busier. Walmart is a popular store for parents to buy toys at as well. Walmart uses this season to get as much business as possible to make their shoppers want to start their shopping early this season.

Emily Lydick loves the holiday season. When she saw the decorations in Walmart and all the other stores she felt “ ecstatic”. She was very excited for the holidays. She feels like the decorations get her in the Christmas spirit. Snow is on the ground and decorations are up and she can’t wait for this Christmas. The music that is playing around the store makes her happy. She said ‘It makes me want to go drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies”.