Thanksgiving Baskets and Fudge


Julia Gentili, Staff Writer

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The food collected was on the tables ready to place into baskets. Members of Student Ambassadors gathered before school ready to help and give to those in need.

Student Ambassadors is a club that meets almost every Tuesday before school. The club has approximately 50 students involved. They recently finished their Thanksgiving baskets. Each year, Student Ambassadors collect food to make up a Thanksgiving meal. Things like cranberry sauce, vegetables, potatoes, butter, and rolls were collected. The food is then distributed into ten baskets to give ten families food for a feast. The families that get the baskets are chosen by the food bank. All the food had to be in school on Tuesday, November 20th. The morning of Wednesday, November 21st students put together the baskets in the Senior Cafe. They were then enjoyed by the families the next day.

“The Thanksgiving baskets went very well this year” says Tori Flegal, co-president of the Student Ambassadors. Everyone brought in what they needed to and more. “We even had enough to give each family two of each item while in the past we have to scramble to get one” she says.

Recently their fudge fundraiser also finished up. Each year the Student Ambassadors sell fudge to community members to raise money. The fudge is made here in Goffstown and comes in many different flavors. Flavors included are chocolate, vanilla, butterfinger, heath bar crunch, m&m, and many other options. Each member was asked to sell five containers of fudge which would allow the club to reach their goal. The fundraiser has been successful in years past and is brought back every year because of how successful it is. Over 200 pounds or half pounds this year and 930 were was raised for the club. The money raised will go towards anything that they would have to buy for future events such as food for thanksgiving baskets and teacher appreciation gifts. Hopefully there will be money left over at the end of the year, which the Student Ambassadors will donate to a good cause. The fudge was distributed December 18th.

“We had a lot of participation and raised a good amount of money” said Taylor Bean. She and Jackie Dever were in charge of the fudge fundraiser. “The fudge fundraiser went really well” said Jackie.

In upcoming months, the Student Ambassadors will be participating in something for Teacher Appreciation week. They also will do tours for 8th grade students. “I’d say this is the most dedicated and productive group we’ve ever had!” Tori says.