The Paw Print Club


Members of The Paw Print after school club

Maddy Charette, Staff Writer

It’s a regular Thursday afternoon. People pile into room 215 one by one until the group consists of a half a dozen people- at the very most. People might not think it much. But, in reality, this is the best opportunity for these individuals to express themselves.

The Pawprint Newspaper Club meets Thursdays in room 215 from 2:45 to 4:00. The team is a group including two freshmen, a sophomore, a few juniors, and a few seniors. Every one of them just as dedicated to this special club responsible for reporting. Goffstown High Schools students and staff with accurate information regarding their surroundings.

The environment in this club is like no other. “I love the people in this club. I like the people and the environment”, explains Katy Donovan, a junior who joined May of last year.

Freshman Molly Gregario, a member of three organizations at this school, finds newspaper different from the others. She expected the environment to be more structured, and admitted that she finds this club “very homey”. Molly joined at the urging of Mrs. Pozin, the advisor of the club, and also because her older sister Kelsey, a junior, is already a member.

Another new member of the club is Alyssa LePage, whose expectations were not met but exceeded. Although her initial expectation was to make newspapers and distribute them, she is okay with the way the club actually distributes information, and looks forward to attending every thursday.

“Would I like to make newspapers? Yes. But I can do that on my own time.”, she confides.

The website used to publish the news is The Pawprint. This website can be accessed from the school’s website, or from a simple google search of “The Pawprint GHS”. It’s usually one of the first to come up. This website has a great variety of opinion, news, poems, polls, and so much more.

With such a variety of topics being written, the room can be very mixed. Alyssa may be working on poems and short stories. Lance may be working strenuously in efforts to do what he believes is his constitutional right; the ability to write. Brooklyn may be editing. Mrs. Pozin may be helping students with writer’s block figure out what to write. Overall, the members perceive their environment as constructive and positive.

“I really expected it to be more like a club”, explains Molly, elaborating that she finds the setting to be a creative environment with minds working each in their own direction.

Junior Alyssa LePage enjoys writing for The Paw Print, and explains that she feels comfortable there. “I feel like it’s a way to be creative and enjoy myself”. Commenting on her surroundings in the club, Alyssa realizes that it is a mature environment. “I feel like I’m in one of those adult meetings”, she beams.

Although the close-knit group is comfortable and happy with their current writing conditions, the club is constantly yearning for more members, especially under-classmen. After all,they are our future, a point noted by many members.

As Molly Gregario states it, “we need more freshmen”.

If anyone wants to express themselves using their individual talents, the Paw Print is for them. Writer? Artist? Poet? Or just a person with opinions, and wish to express them on a safe platform. This place might be just for you.

Katy Donovan explains that she “would highly recommend this club to anyone who likes to write and observe the world”.