Diving Into Seniors’ Emotions


Slam Winners Photo Credit Curt McDermott

Emilie Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

Senior English classes participated in creating their own slam poetry. The slam poetry was written by students and performed in each class from mostly memorization.  One or two students were selected from each class to participate in the school-wide competition. The school competition took place during third period on January 11th.

Slam poetry is, as Mrs. Beauchemin says, “ spoken word, more free form style of poetry that’s meant to be communicated out loud to an audience.” Mrs. Beauchemin believes that it “starts to make [students] see connections between themselves and others to build community.”

This is the ninth year Mrs. Beauchemin has coordinated slam poetry and the whole senior class started participating in it four years ago. Mrs. Beauchemin likes this types of poetry because it “makes [students] think about who they are, where they have been, where they are going, and the world around them.” She also says there are no rules to the poetry which means, “It is easily accessible and everyone can write it.”