Toys for teens


Toys for Teens Drive

Emily Lydick, Staff Writer


Goffstown High School collected toys for teenage kids in the community who were in need during the holiday season. Collections began the week of December 3rd through December 14th. Toys were collected during all lunches during these weeks along with cash donations. The Toy Drive Team explains that, “We will not be giving out specific lists to adopt children and just be asking for gifts that kids 12 years old and up would like.” This is a way to help bring in more gifts hopefully and help to receive more donations.

On December 12th Toys for Teens also hosted another mini fundraiser to help bring in more money for the drive. The team offered a babysitting night at the school in the library; parents were able to drop off their kids for a fun movie night! This night included snacks, and arts and crafts along with kid movies. This fun night was held from five to nine on Wednesday night and was twenty dollars for the first child and each additional child was ten dollars. Katie Lewis tells us how “collecting toys at our school is a great way to help other kids in need who live in our community have a great Christmas as well.”

The Toys for Teens fundraiser ended up collecting over $700 in cash donations and a whole box full of toys people donated to help out for the cause. The committee was able to provide for 15 children in the community to help make their Christmas a little better. The rest of the donations, went to Odd Fellows in Goffstown. Katie explains that, “this was the first year and we were happy with the outcome but we are going to aim to have it bigger next year after all the kinks are worked out.” The committee also hopes to have more students join them to help make a difference.