A Whole New Reality


Riley Johansen, Staff Writer

VR or, Virtual Reality is the next big thing in gaming. With new advancements in this genre of gaming, it makes it an exciting field to follow. Everyday we are hearing about something new, haptic feedback gloves, potential haptic feedback suits, new graphic advancements, standalone sets, and even new mechanics in the games we play. For those who may not know what haptic feedback is, haptic feedback is the ability to feel something in a game. These gloves can cause a person in VR to feel what they are holding to give them an entirely new level of immersion.

Tesla, the renown car company and founding company of SpaceX, has created the first fully functioning haptic feedback suit, though right now it is extremely expensive. The suit works by shocking precise nerves in order to simulate the feeling of walking into walls or grabbing objects. This suit is top-notch equipped with climate control full motion and avatar tracking and biometric sensors to make the game as immersive as possible.

Another company on the haptic feedback scene is HaptX. HaptX makes Haptic Feedback gloves. The gloves may not be available on the market right now but are definitely one of the most developed. With Magnetic movement sensors realistic touch and powerful force on the fingers to demonstrate weight and size. This is an exciting time in gaming. As technology progresses, gamers are excited to see where VR will lead.

As of right now, the only widely available technology for VR is headsets, and motion tracking remotes and sensors. Megan Charest, a student at Goffstown High School, owns an Oculus Rift Standalone headset. Megan would be happy if VR had a thing where you could just put on a suit and be in the VR world; she said she would be, “Happy as hell” and is excited for virtual reality concerts. Megan is excited for the future of VR.



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