Top Things to Do Before Graduating


Staff Writer, Zoe Zeballos

June is coming up fast, and high school graduation even faster. Yearbooks, AP testing, field trips, finals, and graduation are rolling in so fast you could blink and miss it. Soon it will be sayonara GHS! See you in my nightmares!

So before all y’all find yourselves with a cap on your bored skull, waiting to get your diploma and go, here are ten things to try to do before graduating.

  1. Get people’s contacts
    • I know many high school friends don’t last forever, but it’s always nice to make an effort. You’ll probably never hear from most of these people again, until you all find and then friend everyone on Facebook.
  2. Pay your class dues
    • I meant to do it earlier, but who just has sixty dollars hanging around? And is a cap and gown really that important anyways?
  3. Turn in all your assignments
    • I really don’t want to do my finals, and neither do any of you. Give it the old college try to at least end your high school career on a decent note.
  4. Walk around the school- check out all the wings
    • Did you know we have a greenhouse in the tech wing? Do you know what is really hiding behind the music wing door? Who’d thunk we had so many courtyards? Don’t leave any asbestos filled tile unturned.
  5. Eat lunch outside
    • It’s a lovely day outside. Just do it so you can say you did after swatting away bugs for thirty minutes.
  6. Return all your library books
    • They were due a week ago and yet, you tested the gods. The fines are totaling. Why did you need to take out an entire series and never return them?  The librarian is watching. You thought you could handle it. The fees are raising. Who knew books are so hard to find? The librarian is here.
  7. Eat school lunch and die
    • I couldn’t call it a highlight, but for those people who have never tried school lunch, it could be a trip. Can’t claim suffering without truly suffering.
  8. Go for a dive on the roof pool
    • I heard it’s really there, guys!
  9. Make amends
    • You’re never really going to get another chance anytime soon, so why leave high school with regrets? Challenge day yourself up and say what needs to be said to make peace with yourself.
  10. Fall asleep in the library
    • The quiet zone is a choice location, especially behind the dividers. You can even grab a stuffed animal to help with the snooze.
  11. Figure out how to use the fancy vending machine connected to the lunch account
    • I think there was a code or something? Two codes? One is your lunch number and the other is your birthday maybe? Deathday? Please let me in.
  12. Create a makeshift yearbook for people to sign because you forgot to buy one before they ran out.
    • You meant to order ahead of time, and then you meant to get there early when they went on sale, and then they were gone! No problemo, though, solving this is super easy! Just use your single-subject notebook frantically turned memory book, for your friends to sign while feeling a tad silly. Added bonus it’s way more personal than a factory produced yearbook full of people you don’t know and gives you a scrapbooking opportunity.
  13. Do a backflip off the bleachers
    • Then be driven out of school in an ambulance!
    • Two in one bargain deal!
    • Do it. I double-dog dare you.
    • We at the GHS Paw Print newspaper do not endorse doing a backflip in any capacity and are not liable for any injuries caused by people taking this article’s advice
  14. Play some fruit ninja on the Promethean BoardsTM
    • Do you have the skills to become a Promethean Fruit Ninja sensei? Or are you still a Promethean Fruit Ninja grasshopper? Better find out soon before Promethean Fruit Ninja will be eliminated from Promethean Boards across GHS.
  15. Say Goodbye
    • Saying goodbye is never easy and it shouldn’t be. If it’s easy you are probably glad to be leaving, and I don’t blame you. Good luck and I hope whatever you’re doing next makes you happy. If not, you’ll get there someday.
      If it’s hard, however, that means these four years meant something to you and after over 12 years of schooling, you’re finally entering a new stage of life. Some of you are more prepared than others, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you all will make it through and survive whatever is the next big step in all your lives. I wish you all good luck in all your future endeavors.