How To Know You’ve Found The Right College


Elisha Langevin, Senior Editor

College tours can be overwhelming; you’re trying to figure out if you like the food, the people, and the programs all in a day. You’re evaluating the distance between the dorms and the classes, viewing the beauty of the campus, and viewing the selection of events and clubs. However, how do you know what’s right for you? Maybe you’re feeling panicked and overwhelmed, but when you know the college that’s right for you, you will feel that feeling. The feeling isn’t of panic or nerves, but it is of familiarity. On the right campus you should feel at home. You should feel welcomed by the people. You should feel confident about your decision in picking that college. 

For me, I knew I chose the right college when I could picture myself on the campus, in the classrooms, and in the dining hall. Saint Anselm College slowly has become another home to me. At Saint Anselm College I don’t just feel welcome into a community, but into a family. It was important to me that the college I chose had the degree I wanted and that it was close to home. Saint Anselm College was the perfect fit. Saint Anselm College was one of the only colleges to have behavioral neuroscience for a bachelor’s degree in the area. I was also able to stay close to my family and having younger sisters that was very important to me. 

Early on in the process, I thought I knew for sure where I was going to go, but my decision changed multiple times before choosing Saint Anselm College. In the end, it was between Saint Anselm College and Southern New Hampshire University. However, when it came to a final decision I evaluated the financial cost, the location, the degree offered, the food, the campus, and the community overall. Saint Anselm College was perfect in every category important to me. Evaluate your options and don’t settle on a college too soon. Compare and contrast the components of the colleges that are most important to you. In the end, feel confident about your decision. That feeling tells you that you have found the right college.