Creating the Homecoming Dance Routines


Elijah Boisvert, Staff Writer

Student preparations for the homecoming dance performances on October 11th, 2019 have officially commenced. Students in their respective classes are working against the clock to put together choreographed mash-up dance routines and teach them to the participants in time for their performance.

Each class’ dance has a theme that they must base their performance around. These themes are picked by seniority from the top down, giving the senior class the first pick. After picking a theme, the classes begin creating ideas that would best fit the theme. The songs themselves are chosen based around popularity and relevancy, as well as how easily they could be danced to, which is the main challenge. Creating dance moves that strike their intended balance is the main focus of the creation of the dance, as the choreography should look good when performed at the assembly, but it should also not be too complex so that the participants can’t learn it. Additionally, to go along with the dance and the music, classes choose an outfit and accessory color scheme to wear during the performance to add some extra flair and personality.

For the class of 2020, the main team of people creating the whole routine consists of Brandon Korn, Kathryn Carlson, Liz Scanlan, and Elijah Boisvert; all of whom have participated in the creation of the class dance all four years of high school. Brandon is the main overseer who assists with all facets of the process, while Kathryn and Liz help choreograph dance moves to the soundtrack produced by Elijah. Though the team that creates the dance itself may be small, the performances themselves are open for anyone in their respective classes to join, and participation is always encouraged.

Liz believes that the class of 2020 has evolved since their freshman year in many ways, expressing that, “I think we have been more focused…just looking at this year, we have gotten the entire dance done in two days, when usually it takes about four and we are kinda [sic] struggling for the last couple.” Liz mentioned that the key to making this year the best yet is, “…just making it a fun dance, and making sure that everyone is having fun…being together as seniors.” To that, Brandon jokingly interjected, “But most importantly: winning.”

Helping the students who create the dances all along the way, are the class’ respective advisors. Once again for the class of 2020, that would be Ms. Therriault and Ms. Beauchemin. The advisors attend the practices to facilitate the process wherever they are needed. Additionally, Señora McKinnon is in charge of approving the soundtrack and choreography during some of the practices to give suggestions to each class before their performance.