Club Spotlight: School Newspaper

Where Ideas come to life!


Alyssa lepage, Staff Writer

The Newspaper club at G.H.S produces The Paw Print, an online student newspaper. The Newspaper club meets at 2:41-4:00 on Thursdays in room 215.

Meetings consist of sharing ideas, writing articles and poems. Maddy Charette a junoir at G.H.S and a member of the club feels “The Newspaper brings a communal vibe to G.H.S.”

Students join clubs because its an opportunity to explore things that interest you. Maddy expressed her love of writing by stating, “I love to write, and this club was a perfect opportunity.”

According to Mrs. Pozin, the club advisor,  The Paw Print became official in 2014. Previously, the school newspaper was known as The UpRoar and it was not online.

Paw Print members work together to generate story ideas. Joey Stearns, a sophmore at G.H.S and another Staff writer observed “we sit around at the board, and write ideas down on the board, share ideas and have specific ideas that we would like to write about.”

The Newspaper club is full of bright minds but is always looking for new members to join their club.