The GHS Golf Team Tees Off Into A New Year


Varsity Golf Team

Quincy Fitz, Staff Writer

Goffstown High School offers a variety of sports for students to join and participate in during their high school experience. One of those is the golf team. GHS students can join the golf team any time between their freshman and senior year, even though there aren’t typically many freshmen who play. Practices are held four times a week, Monday through Thursday. The matches can usually last 2-3 hours.


The Golf Team was started because not all students wanted to play in the regular sports that were offered, so having the golf team allows these students to still participate in a fun sport. This team is smaller than other teams at the high school, but the members still have fun and do well.


Nate Stevens, a student at Goffstown High School and a member of the golf team, said he has fun being on the team and really enjoys the sport. “Ever since I was little, I played golf and wanted to work towards playing for the team” he says. Stevens has been on the team for a total of three years, two on varsity. Nate’s favorite part of being on the team is, “The fact that he gets to play a lot and improve”.


If any student is looking for a new hobby or wants to be more involved in their school, they should definitely consider joining the team.