Dancing for It All


Elena Topouzoglou, Staff Writer

Songs after songs are played, trying to find the perfect ones.  Dancers fill up an entire living room, bouncing ideas off one another.  Each one wants to have their best ideas heard, trying to make the dance the best they possibly can.  Hope fills everyone, wanting to make sure the dance will be executed perfectly. Days of utter chaos follow the planning sessions, screaming, and stress are what goes into preparing for the dances for the homecoming assembly.

On October 11th the 2019 Homecoming assembly took place in the Goffstown High School gym.  This is the tenth year that GHS has incorporated class dances in the HOCO assembly. Groups from all four classes competed in many different events, one of them being the dance.  

Most students feel as though the watching or performing in the dances is the best part of the assembly because of the moves and the energy it brings.  A lot of time is invested in creating the dances. Those who are brave enough to take on the responsibility of choreography are preparing months ahead.  Hailey Beauchemin, the junior class choreographer, says “I started thinking of moves back in August just to make sure I was prepared for this year.”

Dance experience of students participating ranges from those who do it every day to others who never do it; making it hard to ensure that each person is fully understanding each move.  “I just think about who I am teaching and how these people are my friends,” says Liz Scanlan, choreographer for the senior dance, “then I take a deep breath and keep going.”  

The juniors took first place at this year’s homecoming assembly.  The seniors followed in second, sophomores in third, and the freshmen coming in fourth.  However, Hailey is not confident for next year since she will “have to top what we did this year”.  

The homecoming assembly is a much awaited and prepared for event here at GHS; the dance is no exception.  “I am sad that it was my last one,” admits Liz, “but I have done it for three years and it is cool to see the three different ones over the past years.”