Emotional Girls Soccer Senior Night 


Alexa Skinner, Staff Writer

Emotions are flying high for the Senior Girls Soccer players at Goffstown High School. It is Tuesday October 22nd around 3 o’clock and the underclassman are greeting the six seniors at the entrance to the Grizzlies field. Balloons surrond the field, posters hang everywhere recognizing the seniors and music streams from the speakers. The excitement is beginning.

The girls soccer team started their season off strong coming into 7 games with six wins and one loss. This struck up excitement and allowed them to earn a confident playoff spot early on, however after a tough 2-1 loss to rival school Bedford they had four straight losses dropping their record to 6-5-1. As senior night approached their record was 7-6-1 and the team was prepared for a tough game against 3rd seeded Bishop Guertin.

At 3 o’clock on Tuesday October 22nd “we were greeted at the gate by the underclassman” says senior Captain Emily Doherty, “They were lined up and cheering really loud as we walked in”

As the seniors walked over to the Grizzly Den and their home bench “we saw our own individual buckets with shirts, candy, and personalized notes from every girl on the team and even coach Matt”, After shedding a few tears, the girls had to get passed the emotional part of senior night and focus on a solid warm up. “We wiped away the tears, well mostly Alexa, and began our warmup; our warmup was solid and we were all excited” states senior Kelly Walsh.

When the individual recognitions began for the seniors, each girl was called down to highlight their accomplishments, they ran out to their parents took a picture and were greeted with hugs. “I think this sparked up more excitement for the team and especially for me,” admits Kelly Walsh “we were being recognized for all our years at Goffstown.”

After the senior night festivities were concluded it was time to kick off. “We came out strong… but not strong enough” letting one goal early on admits Kelly Walsh. The final result to the game ended in a tough 4-0 loss and many of the girls left the field with a lot of emotions. Emily Doherty states “It was our last time playing on the field, and I think that was the hardest part, not really losing but accepting that it was our last game ever on that field.”

Although the tough senior night loss against BG, the girls earned their playoff spot and now play Nashua South on October 31st at 3:30 and hope to make it on to the next round. Emily Doherty expresses, “I don’t want the season to end, it’s always so much fun hanging out with the team and it just went by too fast, but I wish all the best for the team next year, I love all of them.”