Catching Admissions Early with Early Action


Sarah Allen, Staff Writer

It’s November 1st as Lainy sits with her computer biting her nails as doubts rush through her head. Is this good enough? Does this application represent me? What if I don’t get in? Her finger hovers over the apply button, she hesitates then hits send, as her possible next four years are planned. She smiles and sighs as she slumps down in her chair with relief.

This process can be very stressful and time consuming as a student. Depending on your deadlines you have to send any SAT or ACT scores, set up Naviance and The Common App, visit colleges, write a college essay and meet with your guidance counselor at least two to three times a month to make sure you stay on track. There are many different deadlines depending on which colleges you apply to. There are early decision deadlines which is usually binding which means if you get accepted you have to go there, early action to get a first look from admissions and then there is regular and rolling decision.

If you decide to apply early action, it’s good to get a solid list of colleges that have the major or majors you are interested in. On top of this, it’s good to go to any tours or open houses to see the college and learn more about it. Lainy implies that, “I know the average amount is eight colleges for your list and you should do around that so you have a variety but you are not overwhelmed.” This is all things that guidance will tell you and help you through the process.

Early action deadlines are around the beginning of November to the start of December for most colleges. Many students are now applying. Lainy Biron explains, “Start preparing in September so you won’t rush in October getting everything ready to apply.” Elena Topouzoglou adds, “Yes, it can be very stressful because I feel like the application process is never ending and there is always more to be done.”

When deciding on whether to apply early, considering your major is the first step. Lainy adds, “For the most part, if you are majoring in engineering, health sciences or nursing it’s more competitive, so it’s better to apply early, but I would still recommend it for everyone.” Not all people apply within early action, but Lainy explains, “I believe it’s better to apply early action because you get earlier results, better financial aid and scholarships and have more time to decide. Plus, you can get money or a better look at admissions when doing this.”