Grizzly Den coming together


Tyler Moran, Staff Writer

The Grizzly Den here at Goffstown High School recently began its new remodeling of what used to be The Learning Commons last year. It is a completely new space located in the old Learning Commons (room 206). It will be a place not just for collaborating with a partner on work, but also a space where, as long as you are passing all of your classes, you will be able to relax during a free period.

Some new features are an Apple TV, couches, new tables, nicer chairs, new paint, and a new clean college campus look.


The idea for The Grizzly Den transformation began circulating around two years ago, credited to GHS principal Mr. McBride. Mr. McDermott stated McBride had a vision to create a collaborative workplace for students, give students a place to feel comfortable and welcome at school, and a place to decompress.

GHS Administrative Assistant, Sylvia Lewis is in charge of the remodeling for the Den, and she has a clear vision of what she needs to accomplish in order to transform The Learning Commons into The Grizzly Den. Mrs. Sylvia said, “We are waiting to hear back from Saint A’s on their furniture connections. It would be ideal to make the den similar to a college campus lobby.”

For this project, GHS is lucky enough to receive a donation from the graduating class of 1999 for the funding of this in-school makeover. Clubs can meet after school here as well. Mr. McDermott says, “I fully believe most students will be very welcoming of the change. It will be a collaborative and welcoming workplace for GHS students.”

For further information, seek a student council representative.