Pet Stores:  House Arrest for Animals? 


Alyssa Lepage, Staff Writer

When you think of a pet store, what comes to mind? 

In some cases pet stores are known for taking care of their animals, but this often is not the case. Pet stores are known for being very neglectful to their animal counterparts. Their living conditions are horrid, and according to PETA, “ Puppies are often kept in wire-bottomed cages; small animals such as hamsters, mice and rats are often crammed into small, filthy crowded cages; and exotic birds are put into tiny cages.” 

Based on my own experience as a child, there was a pet store near my home which was O.K., but the conditions for their dogs made me sick. Large dogs such as mastiffs and great danes were in small wire cages, animal feces was not taken care of properly, and sick puppies did not get treated properly. Animals like rodents were kept in cages that were too small and the prices were much too high. The animals living in these bad conditions is not right and stores like these should be shut down. 

 People who go to pet stores are not always aware of the negative outcomes. 

Animals like puppies that are sold in pet stores most likely come from puppy mills and are mistreated and isolated from their mothers. Then the mothers are forced to continually have puppies until they die. According to PETA, once puppies are taken and sold, most customers complain that they can not be socialized properly and may get sick easily because of their living situations.

When buying any animal from any location, animal shelters are the best bet. If you are going to pay a lot of money for a pet store pet, the price is estimated at 2,000 dollars vs. a shelter animal where the price typically ranges between 300-500 dollars.  Obtaining an animal from a shelter is a better more humane option. Purchasing from an animal shelter will support the humane treatment of animals and discourage puppy mills and pet stores.