The NH Construction Career event exceeds goals


Wyatt Hooker, Staff Writer

On September 23 GHS students proudly represented their school while attending The NH Construction Career event hosted by the Hillsborough County Youth Center Foundation. Roughly 30 students from GHS school attended this event. This event’s main objective was to introduce young minds about the possible opportunities and career path the construction force has to offer. The students were given many opportunities to have hands-on experience with some of the heavy machinery that was at the event. Such as the Zero point turn mower, Graders, Backhoes, Excavators, and rollers.

To some surprise many of the companies that presented in this event come from out of state. They came from Vermont, Maine, as well as Massachusetts and some from NH. This event was extremely important to those pursuing a construction career because at this event they were offering internships, and job opportunities. After interviewing multiple students they said the main thing they took away from this event was the ability to understand how to operate the heavy machinery. One of the students had said “I got taught how to use pavement rollers”. Goffstown wasn’t the only school to attend this event. Schools from Bow, Vermont, and schools like Pinkerton also attended this event.

Overall the event accomplished its goal in informing the mind of young students in the possible career path construction the event. Even Mr.Whiteman said it was a great time. Mr. Whiteman had said “This was a great event for students to see how many opportunities are available in construction these days. There were seniors here today getting multiple job offers on-the-spot”. Unfortunately this is an annual event and happens once a year. But in the future for those pursuing construction this event will make a huge impact for starting out.