History should not be censored


Wyatt Hooker, Staff Writer

History is by far one of the most important classes throughout a child’s school years. History is the way to remember everything that has happened on planet Earth, and allows one to learn from others mistakes, accomplishments, and tragedies that had shaped the world as it is today. But can one actually understand the information without all the facts? Students cannot fully understand history if the school curriculum censors parts of history, leaving students with a lack of information. Students must not have parts of history restricted in schools.

When we look back in the past we see everything that humans have done on Earth, such as Troy, the Peloponnesian War, Alexander the Great’s Empire, The Romans, The Vikings, The Crusades, the 100 years war, World War 1, World War 2, Korea, The Cold War, and even more recent events unfolding in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. That’s just a small percentage of major events in history that schools have not taught students. Even the American Revolution is censored. Restricting history is causing moments in the past to be neglected and even forgotten. The Korean War is known as the “forgotten war” because after the war, it was never really talked about in our history classes. The country of South Korea is a country because of this event. 40,000 American soldiers had died in this war. Schools are afraid to show the harshness and reality of history and it benefits no one.

Children are being influenced by history and are not given all the information. The importance of history is invaluable and in order to make the students who are learning about these subjects fully understand and comprehend the material. We must not censor history. By restricting history, the school curriculum is making humans’ achievements and sacrifices forgotten. And that cannot happen.