Sharing the Spirit of the Season

GHS Canned Food Drive


Joey Altobello, Staff Writer

The canned food drive is a collection of cans and cash at GHS sponsored by Student Council with the goal of helping families in need. A variety of volunteers from Student Council help out and go from class to class to collect donations. Planning for the event took place after Homecoming and the actual event lasts for two weeks. Other ways of collecting donations were made such as going from neighborhood to neighborhood asking for donations. This method of collecting was called “Trick or Canning.” Groups are sent out to neighborhoods and put plastic bags with flyers on mailboxes and people can collect their cans in the bag and donate it.

 “So far we have collected $640 and 1,243 cans.” says Phoebe Castallone a student from GHS who is also on the student council. There were many participants and even some teachers matching the amount their students would donate. The biggest donation was from Sierra MacIntire and Marcus Rusch. After all the donations were counted, the Seniors took first place with the Juniors coming in second place. The class competition motivates the students to compete for higher donations.

The overall total of donations is expected to exceed the previous year’s. “Donating and giving back to your community is a great way of spreading happiness for the holidays.” says Marcy Altobello, a Goffstown resident. It’s a good cause and everyone benefits from it and has a cheerful time. Tyler Moran, a senior at GHS had this to say: “I donated some cans and I’m glad to see everyone pitching in to help out around the holidays.”