Yoga Nights at Goffstown


Alexa Skinner, Staff Writer

It’s 7 p.m., a weekday at Goffstown High School, the Student Resource Center is filling up with students and adults; some hold yoga matts and water. The room is calm, and the environment is welcoming.

Empower is a club at Goffstown High School that “promotes equality for all genders and people, through empowerment” states Vice President of the club, Emma Strong. Empower has been a club at Goffstown High School for about five years and the dedication people have to it is immense. Empower started to put on “Yoga Nights” last year at Goffstown as something to do for the community and to also help their club.

The next Yoga Night will be April 16th. Yoga Nights are held at GHS in The Student Resource Center, or as most students call it, the SRC. Emma Strong says that Yoga Nights are very “calming, happy, fun and non judgemental.” It’s a space that people will feel safe and welcomed.

To attend Yoga Nights at Goffstown it costs $3 for students and $5 for adults. All the proceeds go to the Empower Club, so they can put on events like this for their community. Renaud Pelletier, also a member of Empower, states, “there is always good participation from people around the school and families; the SRC always seems to be full.” However, Empower could “always use more participation on yoga nights” admits Emma Strong. They would love to see a variety of people attend. It’s a great way to relax, have a good time and get yoga lessons from a real yoga instructor, Kim Palmer.

Vice President of the club, Emma Strong says that “seeing the turnout of people on yoga night” is her favorite thing about the whole night. It’s a great way to go catch up with familiar faces, have a relaxing night and just have a good time.