Art Students Travel to Manchester


Julia Gentili, Senior Editor

On December 4, 2019, Ms. Smith’s studio class and Mrs. Karolian’s drawing class went on a field trip to the Currier Art Museum in Manchester, NH. Students were excited to have a shortened time in a classroom and leave at 10:30 am for the trip. Just coming back from Thanksgiving break and two snow days, it was a great way to get back into the swing of things.

The purpose of the field trip was to get inspiration for a project. By taking inspiration from three to four pieces of other artist’s work, students will create their own pieces. They can include subjects, media, and styles of the other artist’s featured pieces in their own pieces. This is one of two required projects for the studio class. While at the museum students spent the first hour walking around and trying to find things they like. The Currier is small enough that it can be seen in an hour and get a good understanding of the art there. Then they had a break for lunch in the cafè. Mrs. Karolian brought homemade chocolate chip cookies to share with everyone. The second hour was spent sketching and coming up with a plan for their projects. Students were required to sketch three pages or ideas in their sketchbooks. They could also take pictures of things in the museum without flash of pieces for reference later. 

Last year some of the students went to the Museum Of Fine Art in Boston. “I love going to the currier because it is a little jewel we have in Manchester” says art teacher Mrs. Karolian. “So rather than spend the time, money and energy going to the Museum of Fine Arts I think it is time and money better spent going to the Currier because they have a wonderful selection of art and students can go back at a later date” 

A popular piece at the museum was the “I Am” wall. This is a black and white wall with blocks that say “I Am” and visitors can anonymously write who they are in the blocks to share. Things people have shared vary from their identity, to what they believe in or what they want for the world in the future. This was part of the “We Are For Freedoms” gallery that is in the Currier until March 21, 2020. The exhibit shows civic engagement, discourse, and action that seeks to highlight America’s diversity through art. For many students, this was the inspiration for their projects. All other parts of the museum stay there year long and are available for viewing anytime it is open. 

Students had until the end of the semester to complete their pieces. Overall it was a successful field trip. Chloe Paradis stated “I think it was fascinating to see all the Roman related art they had there”. The Roman art are pieces are ones that stay in the museum. “It was breathtaking and outstanding” student Kori Chamberlin said.