Behind The Scenes: The GHS Podcast


Alyssa Sangillo, Staff Writer

Not too long after the homeroom bell rings, the Promethean board lights up with the GHS Podcast. As the podcast plays, events of the past and upcoming weeks are announced. If you’re a Goffstown High School student, chances are you know about the weekly podcasts. But do you know what goes on behind the scenes? There is more work put into each podcast than you may believe.


Nearly every Friday, homeroom teachers play the weekly GHS podcast for the class. Students and teachers alike look forward to the podcasts. Mrs. Pozin comments “I love the podcasts, and I think it’s a fun and entertaining way to communicate information with the students.”


The podcasts contain information about upcoming events students should know about, news about clubs, sports events, and so on. If a student misses the podcast and would like to watch it, they are available on iTunes, and through using an RSS reader (labeled GHS News podcast on both platforms).


The podcasts are filmed on Wednesdays after school/during the school day. The Podcast club meets at 2:45 and stays until they’re finished with their work. If students would like to get involved in the podcasts, there are posters spread across the school with contact information. Students can also submit videos if they want to have something in the Podcasts. Any student is allowed to contact the members of the podcast to get involved; student involvement is encouraged.


Rebbecca Biederman, a junior, is the Editor and Director of the podcasts. While directing, she also supervises filming. Last year, Rebbecca had to direct, film, and script the podcasts, due to a lack of student participation. Even though she often had to work alone, Rebecca powered through and produced interesting Podcasts every week. As a result membership and student participation has increased this school year.


In order to find topics for the podcasts, podcast members “usually will go to the Main Office, they’ll give us announcements they’d like us to report, and then we’ll go to Guidance and they’ll tell us something that we need to know. A lot of the times we’ll go to teachers like Mrs. Pozin and ask if there is anything they’d like on camera,” says Rebecca. Students can also meet with the Podcast club in “room 201 and read something, but the majority of the time we go up to students and ask them ‘hey, do you want to read this short little thing?’ They’ll say yes, they’ll say no, but it’s mostly us going up,” adds Rebecca.