Halloween Prefaced with a Cold Treat


Fall Snow

Brianna Gagnon, Staff Writer

The frozen flurries drifted to the ground, collecting in a thin layer on the streets. Kelly Arnold, a sophomore, awoke to the beauty. She stared out the window of her home in pure awe. She jumped up and down in exuberant joy. The first snow! She thought with a beaming smile on her face.

On Friday October 30th, New Hampshire residents were met by early snow. Many would argue that it was cause enough to start the holiday season, but this was the day before Halloween.

“We got a heatwave soon after.” Kelly considered, declaring that it didn’t rush fall and that it didn’t feel like the holiday season quite yet.

Junior Tori Crotty too woke to the snow. Watching the snowflakes flitter to the ground. Right before my favorite holiday.. she thought sadly. However, the child within her was still very, very excited to see the snow.

Meteorologists predicted low amounts of “wet” snow for the day, and that most of it would probably be gone by Halloween night. However, they did say that it would be a colder trick-or-treating outing this year.

Tori was not surprised by the snow, “I did hear ahead of time on the news.” Kelly wasn’t either, “Well, my dad works for the news so yes, I knew there would be snow.”

It was a Friday, so students were occupied with their zoom meetings required by the district, so they had to stay indoors while the snow continued to fall. Tori longed to go outside, but she tried her hardest to not let it distract her.

“I wanted to go out and play in it, but it wasn’t enough to play in, so I decided to stay indoors.” She stated with a hint of despair.

And then it was gone as quickly as it came, the snow had melted by the next morning, no traces of it to be seen. Both students didn’t seem to miss it… though one was more open to the idea of getting more so later on in the season.

“We’ll get more snow,” Kelly reasons, “It’s just a form of water.” Tori, however, was happy it was gone. “It was ugly,” she said without hesitation, “I like the snow before I get sick of it, it was freezing on my favorite holiday.”