Club Spotlight: FBLA

Keith Sanders, Staff Writer

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a club dedicated to educating its members on how business is conducted in America. Despite being named the Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA is actually a worldwide organization that is also based in China, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. FBLA allows its members to focus on their own interests within American commerce and encourages competition within its community. The members of FBLA compete at gatherings like the Fall Leadership Workshop and the State Leadership Conference, the two biggest conferences that Goffstown attends.


At these conferences FBLA members participate in individual and group events and bond with the FBLA members of other schools. The individual events include an accounting test, public speaking, and dozens of other business centric events. The group events include 2-4 people who are given a business prompt and create a project around the prompt as they complete it. The events are prepared for before going to the gatherings so members can demonstrate their work to their peers and are scored on their efforts and final products.


Last year, Goffstown placed first for FBLA in the state for doing well at states and winning the most state officer projects. There are six state officers in NH for FBLA. A student at Goffstown High School, and the co-president of FBLA, Logan Boisvert, is one of these six exceptional individuals. State officer projects are created by the six officers and are implemented in every school active in FBLA around the state. Last year, Logan’s project was the “Teens Helping Teens” drive. Each student and faculty member of each school can participate in these projects in some way; essentially making a state-wide competition between schools. For this year’s project, Logan plans to hold a Make-A-Wish fundraiser.

“I’m so excited to see how far we can take my State Officer Project and hope to win states with our amazing Goffstown FBLA local chapter once again!” Logan exclaims, as he reveals his Make-A-Wish fundraiser during our interview.