“Class Dance Competition” Removed from This Year’s Homecoming Assembly


“Senior Dance” GHS Homecoming Assembly 2019

Emily Hughes, Staff Writer

Unlike the 2020-2021 school year, we will be celebrating Homecoming Week with an assembly like no other — starting with the removal of the traditional class dance competition, decided upon by the Homecoming Committee in a 6-1 vote.

For underclassmen who have never experienced this competition, a brief explanation: each year, all four classes would have to choreograph and perform a dance that fits a central theme. Every grade’s dance was unique to their own style and represented the creativity of the class. The dances would be scored by a panel of judges, with plenty of input coming from the cheers and screams of the watching students.

That competition, however, will not be making an appearance in this year’s Homecoming Assembly.

One voting representative, who wishes to remain anonymous, provided more information about the voting process and revealed the reasoning behind this removal.

“It was a pretty unanimous vote among the council, with only one person as a definite yes,” they explained. “We had a lot of people who were unsure, and those people listened to the concerns of others and voted accordingly.”

When asked about the reasoning behind this vote, the student reported that most concerns revolved around the lack of time to put together any dances, as well as safety concerns surrounding classes meeting together in tight spaces to dance.

GHS Spanish teacher and Student Council Advisor Erin McKinnon provided commentary as an overseer of this process and decision. “I think it was really only a tradition for the students in the senior class. Therefore, there was less interest with the underclassmen.” Due to her position as advisor, Señora McKinnon did not vote.

Señora McKinnon also recognized that some students, mostly in the senior class, were frustrated with this removal. “We needed to reach out and get input from other students,” she said. “I think that’s important, as Student Council is just a representative of student voice. I think that’s an important aspect of what we do.”

While Student Council does represent the student body, some seniors are disappointed in the decision. Senior Class Vice President Molly Gregorio, who was planning on choreographing the Class of 2022 dance, feels the voices of her classmates are not being represented fairly. “We didn’t get the option of ‘choosing’ our assembly,” Molly argues. “We did the dance and learned that it’s actually cool to participate [in] when we saw it.”

Despite varying opinions, the class dance competition has officially been retired from the Homecoming Assembly, and though it may be sad for the Class of 2022, it paves the way to make new traditions and memories. In fact, the Homecoming Committee already has some other plans in the works.

Señora McKinnon explained that there will be several activities students can participate in during lunches, competition-based games like dodge ball and tug-of-war during the assembly, and a block party Saturday night with games, dancing, and a bonfire. “We’re hoping to make a new tradition as fun and community-bonding as the dance was.”