Goffstown Football Team has Multiple Cancellations


Kyle Gregoire, Staff Writer

The Goffstown Varsity Football team has been struck with disaster for two weeks in a row now with two cancellations. The cancellations came against both Manchester teams. The team was 0-1 going into those games and was looking to regroup after a tough loss to Exeter. The team luckily, has shown not to be too affected by their cancellations, as they are now 2-0. The wins came against Bedford and Concord. This week they take on Spaulding.

The biggest question is what will happen to the cancelled games. The team finally got somewhat of an answer as head coach Nick Hammond gave details recently. He stated that although it is not completely decided yet, the state does not want cancelled games to count as forfeits. If the team does want to make the playoffs, they most likely will have to win out the rest of their season.

The team seems like it hasn’t really been affected too much by the cancellations. As mentioned earlier, they have beat Bedford and Concord in both what seemed like pretty convincing wins. When playing their first game since the cancellations, people were worried about how the team would perform with all the time off, but the team wasn’t really worried. Senior captain Toby Halpern said that there was definitely some rust that could be seen in the first few plays, but they quickly got it together which was the “most important thing”. The team won the game 28-7, and starting quarterback Josh Webb wasn’t surprised with the team’s performance.

These cancellations serve as a reminder that COVID is still a very prevalent issue. The team has handled COVID pretty well this season, as they have only had one case on the team. Toby Halpern said that “I think that what happened in Manchester could happen anywhere, but as long as we are taking proper precautions, if something were to come up, we would be OK.” The team is still a little worried about COVID, as Josh Web said “If too many games get cancelled we might not make the playoffs.”