“@ghs_lunchreview” and the Uptick in GHS Instagram Accounts


A student viewing @ghs_lunchreview’s Instagram page

Santino DeFilippo, Staff Writer

If you’ve been paying any attention to what your peers have been following on social media, namely Instagram, you will have noticed the recent rise in popularity of Goffstown High School student-run accounts. Accounts like “ghsworstparking”, “ghs_bathroom_feet”, “posture_ghs_check”, and even the featured “ghs_lunchreview” have recently been created and are quickly growing, most with nearly 200 or more followers. Some of these accounts may seem harmless, where others could be considered to cross a line.

An exclusive interview with a popular GHS account, “@ghs_lunchreview,” helped to bring some information regarding these accounts to light. The owner of this anonymously-run account takes it upon themself to photograph the lunch GHS is serving for the day and give an in-depth review of said lunch, as well as to give an overall score out of ten. Some highlights include the widely coveted chicken tenders, earning a score of 10/10 and even being named a classic in the GHS kitchen, and the surprisingly underwhelming quesadillas, earning a score of only 1/10. As this account was inspired by the “ghsworstparking” account, where students find cars in the student lot parked poorly, it was clearly made purely for fun and with no intent to hurt anybody.

@ghs_lunchreview says they think “worst parking is great”. An account like “@ghs_graffiti”, though, appears to be “romanticizing graffiti and may attract attention to force all the accounts to shut down,” according to @ghs_lunchreview. Although the graffiti account has no posts as of now, the goal seems to be to collect graffiti found around the school, be it in “the bathrooms or side of the building”, as publicly stated in the bio of the graffiti account itself. Accounts like this could “jeopardize all the accounts” that are purely there just to have fun.

Recently, more accounts have been created, such as “@ghs_bathroom_feet,” where the goal is for students to take pictures of other students’ feet while they are in bathroom stalls. These types of accounts are obviously much more problematic, as it seems that it is intentionally trying to embarrass students. Students being posted on this type of account might even be hesitant to use the bathroom at GHS anymore, but outside viewers like senior Will Sasso find it entertaining. Will stated “They’re pretty funny” and “They provide content” for the students to consume.

Will further elaborated “The bathroom feet account is a little weird, but it could get worse.” It seems to be only a matter of time before school administrators are aware of these accounts, and they may try to put an end to it all. “Ms. Rozumek or Mr. McBride should be responsible for removing an inappropriate account,” as Will says, which could very well result in the end of all GHS accounts- from innocent accounts like @ghs_lunchreview all the way to @ghs_bathroom_feet. 

Thinking about it on a base level, it might be easy to separate the more inappropriate accounts from the innocent ones, but that may not be the same for everybody. @ghs_lunchreview says “several people have asked if we run all the accounts”, and if that is assumed to be the case, a single person may be blamed and punished for the acts of all GHS-related accounts, which is clearly unfair to said student.

Overall, it seems that a majority of GHS accounts are made purely for fun. As @ghs_lunchreview said, a majority of accounts are not trying to offend anybody. “We just want everyone to get a laugh.”