New Student Favorite


Kyle Gregoire, Staff Writer

GHS’s new science teacher has quickly become a favorite among the students.
Mr. Roy currently teaches Chemistry but does wish to teach more science classes in the future- physics specifically. He’s
28 years old and this is his first job as a teacher.

Mr. Roy described his class as organized chaos so far, stating that “You know, I pretty
much let you guys do what you want, as long as you’re being safe and not disrespectful.” Which
is a pretty accurate assessment of his class to an extent. This organized chaos he talks about
really only happens when he sets you off to work on something independently, otherwise, when
he is actually presenting something to you or teaching it, it is pretty orderly. Another aspect of
his class is he knows that everyone learns at their own pace, and has different learning styles. So
if you need to work with your friends, work with your friends, if you need extra help, call him
over and he will walk you through it one more time.

When asked about why he went into teaching, he said he really enjoyed tutoring kids in college, and helping them understand a
subject they previously struggled in. He also stated “I would love to inspire a kid to go into a science field, especially if they weren’t thinking about doing that- like their reason for going into science was because of me.”

Many students have said that Mr. Roy is their favorite teacher. Jayce Gorman, said that
Mr. Roy has been his favorite teacher so far because of how understanding he has been. In class, it is essential that you understand the material, hence this is why he is so willing to stop and help you understand. Mr. Roy will always try to help you out. Students can go and see him any time during the day, and if he’s not teaching, he will help you.

Outside of the school, Mr. Roy has many hobbies. He said power lifting was one of his
main hobbies. His two favorite lifts are squats and dead lifts. He said he started lifting right
around 10 to 12 years old. He also enjoys climbing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
Snowboarding is done as often as possible during the season. When asked if he was an indoor or
outdoor person, he said outdoors 100%.

Mr. Roy will also jump in on any sporting conversation he can. He is always talking
about how a team is doing this season or who had a good game the previous night. Mr. Roy is also
willing to give out some fantasy football advice if it’s needed. His favorite sport is baseball
though, and he played a little in college. Likewise, his favorite sports team is the Boston Redsox.

Overall, Many students have taken a liking to Mr. Roy, and it is clear that he is a new student