People are Overworked


Camden Neesen, Staff Writer

People are overworked and it’s a problem. People can only work for so long before they start to get tired and stop making progress with what they are doing. When someone works constantly over time without enough breaks or down time they will start to slow down and not work as well as they get tired and unproductive. Not only are they unproductive because they’re tired but it takes a toll on their body and health. This is a problem for all people from employees to employers, students and teachers alike.

In my opinion, people are overworked causing productivity and health issues and there needs to be a change. Research has shown this to be true. According to a site called Why 3-day weekends are good for you by Melissa Dahl “They found that the individuals who worked longer hours — 55 hours per week or more — had a 33 percent increased risk of stroke than people who worked less than 40 hours per week.” So there are people who are at higher risks of dying because of the fact that they are being overworked.

Health risks are just one of the reasons why there should be a change to people being overworked. I also think we should make a change for personal reasons like happiness. I believe that people spend so much time working that they can’t do other things they want to do because their time off from work or school is too short. You should be able to spend more time relaxing, going places you want to go and hanging out with friends and family instead of spending the majority of your life working and going to school. I believe that there are many benefits to having shorter workweeks.

There are studies that show that 3 day weekends would be helpful in solving the problem of people being overworked. Three day weekends are beneficial for many reasons. People should have 3 day weekends so that they can have time to recharge and recover. This way, they can work even harder on work days. It is healthier for people to get more sleep, improving their mood and productivity. Why spend extra time at school or work being unproductive just because you have to be there? Instead you could be at home resting so you could come in another day and work harder and more efficiently. This would make a lot of people happier because they could spend their time resting or doing what they love. It would allow companies to benefit more because their employees would work more effectively. Also, schools would benefit. Teachers and students would be happier. Students would also be more rested making it easier to pay attention to their classes and do better.

People are overworked and should have three day weekends. It would be better for people’s health, happiness and overall well being to have shorter work weeks. It would also benefit and be more productive for their employers. People have to spend most of their days working and come home exhausted from a long day and week. They don’t get to spend time doing what they want because they need rest to recover. After they get that rest they have to go right back to work which can make them warn out and resentful. It is just a repeating cycle of not enough time off and then being unhappy, unhealthy, unproductive and tired. Therefore, three day weekends would give workers more rest and time for things they enjoy making them happier and healthier and in turn, more productive which would benefit everyone.