The Underestimated Value of Community College


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The front of a community college building on a day of clear skies

Helena Bentas, Staff Writer

For upperclassmen at Goffstown High School, college is a stage in life they are not too far from. Applying for colleges and scholarships can be stressful for most juniors and seniors throughout the country. The constant pressure to attend the “right” school, or a school you believe others will approve of is substantial. What most people underestimate is the value of a community college or a liberal arts degree, regardless of an individual’s financial situation.

Community colleges are institutions in which a person can gain a post-high school education, specifically an associate’s degree, over the course of about 2 years. Whereas a typical college education requires a commitment of roughly four years. Community college education can also be utilized as a gateway into a higher degree in your field. Community Colleges are also significantly more accessible. The word “community” represents the fact that community colleges are situated in certain locations to make them more available and convenient for students.

One of the many benefits of attending a community college is the open admission policy of these institutions. An open admission policy refers to how any individual who holds a high school diploma or a GED may attend. Community colleges offer the opportunity for anyone to pursue a higher education without the added stress of blindly anticipating an acceptance letter. Community Colleges also have a more flexible curriculum and schedule in order to aid their students.

Community Colleges also aim to be a diverse setting. Diversity is a key aspect of the success of community colleges; whether it is gender, sexual orientation, race, sexual identity, or age the community college aims be inclusive. The conscious effort to uphold diversity within these schools encourages critical thinking in students. A diverse situation, as such, strengthens the communities around them and motivates people to make a conscious effort to speak and act effectively.

In short, community colleges are institutions where students can flourish and express themselves. They are places that cultivate and foster growth. They provide a safe haven where their students can focus with flexibility on their education. Community colleges are spaces where students can improve their situation despite their previous high school transcript and they also offer opportunities that are more convenient for students.