On A Pale Horse: A Review


Hannah Crowell, Writer/Comic Artist

If you enjoy supernatural stories that deal with conflicts between Heaven and Hell, On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony should be your next read.  It is the first of an eight-series story, sending you on a journey with 325 riveting pages to keep you on the edge of your cushy upholstered reading chair.

The book features a man named Zane, who struggles with poverty, obtains random photography gigs, and contemplates whether or not life is even worth living anymore- until he encounters a man in a magic shop who offers him everything– money and power– in exchange for only one thing; his next love.  Zane soon discovers how wrong his choice was and proceeds to kill himself, but ends up committing murder instead. Killing death can be easier than you think.

Zane encounters many conflicts once he obtains his new job as death himself, and ultimately finds himself fighting to retain the one thing he holds dear in the sick, twisted world of magic and science that he lives in. With the help of his trusty steed, Mortis, and a dark magician’s daughter, Luna, Zane changes the entire setup of the afterlife in a single month.  There’s going to be hell to pay for Zane.