My Defenses

Cheyenne Zinnkosko, Staff Writer


Return me to childhood,

To all of my childish comforts, both sweet and good,

But leave memories unkind,

Repressed and hidden away deep in my mind,

And I pray, that my feelings may be thrown afar,

So that my soul may not be tainted,

By those  thoughts unkind that turn me around,

But my world is already turned upside down,

And I hide behind an act,

To make excuses for my every action and thought,

And I will find the best reasons,

To make these excuses,

And I pass my frustration, my anger,

Onto to something else, to diverge from the problem at hand,

Though, my anger will find the resolve,

To turn what is foul, into something that is fair,

And I will return to those days kind,

Full of energy and hope.