Latin Students Converge to Learn History

Latin Students Converge to Learn History

Sofia Douglas, Staff Writer

The auditorium buzzed with anticipation as Latin students from across the state filed into their seats at Saint Anselm’s College on Thursday, May 6th, in preparation to explore ancient Roman culture. The hive like atmosphere surely echoed the sounds of a Roman Colosseum.

A teacher from Pinkerton Academy, Mr. Olkovikas, walks up on the stage and presents a slideshow filled with details about different Latin societies, and entertains the audience with fabulous tales of his Latin students growing up to become Latin majors,  and maybe even one day taking his job. The pride in his voice rang out through the theater, raising awe within the students. After he finished his presentation, he handed it over to a group of students who reenacted the plight of Somnium Caesar and his decision to take over Rome. It was quite silly, and laughter could be heard throughout the room. The Fish in the play spoke no lines; however, it had a script in hand as it walked the stage. The irony in this was found quite hilarious by some of the older students.

The presentations took a break for lunch or snacks while the committee that helped organize the event counted up the votes for the art contest winner. The art contest contained pieces made by students centering around mythological stories and people in Roman culture.

The last presentation was by Andy Volpe who is a ‘living’ historian; this mean he learns about the weaponry and cultures of a society and will share it with others. He displayed Roman weaponry and armor, as he went in depth about the curvature of the helmet to deflect blades. Obviously intrigued, students leaned forward for a better view.

Upon leaving, the GHS Latin class went down to a pizza place to buy lunch. The students, from there, chatted and bathed in the sun until the buses returned to take them back to school. This field trip was fun and brought much joy to these students. Everyone is likely to return once more.