Girls’ Junior Varsity Volleyball Head to D1 Championships


Helena Bentas, Editor

The girls’ junior varsity volleyball team of Goffstown High School has a win -to-loss record of 10 wins to 5 losses in their 2022-2023 season. The team has an impressive repertoire, having lost only a small amount of their games to schools such as Bedford High School, Bishop Guertin, Concord, and Nashua North. In accordance to their incredible playing, they are on their way to the District One Championships in late October. When asked about how the team members feel about their season, they had mixed responses.


The Junior Varsity team members consist of a mix of upperclassmen, as well as lowerclassmen. The season usually lasts a collective eight weeks, or two months. A regular strategy at a productive practice is doing consecutive drills, calling the ball, moving towards the ball, and “Bump, Set, Hit”. The final strategy refers to the physical movements used to carry the ball over the net. Although strategies are important in improving how one plays, so is the mental well-being of the players themselves. Coaches and team members try to check in on one another, in order to play and feel better. Unnecessary negativity is usually resolved quickly so everyone is able to enjoy the game.


Communication is integral to the team’s success. Even off the court, talking with one another is invaluable. One of the team’s admitted weaknesses was negativity and lack of optimism when it comes to the second set played. An active effort towards consistent support from those on the sidelines puts an emphasis on how important the second set is towards a victory.


When asked what qualities make a successful volleyball player, Emerson Marchand, sophomore and team manager, specified that “a good coach and an ability to play the game, well”, are fundamental. In addition to a good player, both players, Olivia Bentas and Emerson Marchand, stated that a “positive attitude, optimistic mindset, and respect for others” will greatly contribute to a well-played team and a unique, strong bond between team members.