Nutcracker Auditions Offer Opportunity


Avery Skora

Rehearsal Space

Avery Skora, Staff Writer


Preparation for the Nutcracker auditions is stirring up excitement in the Goffstown High School theater as the dancers from the school’s dance class practice combinations and eagerly wait for their roles to be published.

GHS’s MoDaCo (Movement and Dance Company), started Nutcracker auditions October 3, 2022 for period 6, and October 4, 2022 for period 7.  The class separated into groups and each group auditioned one at a time through the four dance combinations they learned.  Switching off, each group dances the combinations across the stage as Mrs. Brannigan takes notes below the stage. In regards to the Arabian, a ballet/acro number, freshman Jessica Miller says, “my favorite part has been learning Nutcracker variations, and I enjoy the Arabian dance best.”

The Nutcracker performance is comprised of a variety of dances. The “Spanish” is a number with a faster ballet variation. The “Russian” is a ballet that includes jumps and upbeat music, and the “Battle Scene” will be a tap number this year consisting of rats and soldiers battling against one another.

Abby, a senior from the company says the auditions were  “incredibly laid back and the most stressful part was warming up.”  Roles came out Friday, October 7, 2022, and every class member will be participating in this showcase.

Although the show may seem like a breeze, everyone is still nervous even after all of their practice.  MoDaCo has impacted many people in a positive way.  “I feel like I have gotten enough, maybe not ‘physically’ but have learned a lot, from meeting new people, and enjoying myself and going to just let loose.” says Abby, a senior from the class.