Veteran’s Day At GHS


Veterans and students at the breakfast

Lizzie Cheetham, Staff Writer

Being the only woman in a place of work can be difficult. Especially in the military. One female veteran fought for women and their place in the military throughout her career. Now she spends her time helping other women who are veterans like herself. According to Student Council member, Lily Hazelbaker, this was just one impactful story shared at the GHS Veteran’s Day Breakfast.

On Monday November 7th, Student Council held its annual Veteran’s Day celebration. This year the celebration was held in the form of a breakfast. In previous years the celebration was an assembly, but due to Covid, this could not continue. The past two years the breakfast has stuck.

When asked about how the Veterans like the breakfast compared to the assembly held in the past, Student Council member, Arielle Korn, says, “The veterans like a more intimate setting.” It is clear that the breakfast will be continued in the years to come.

The breakfast was held in the library and was organized by Student Council member, Nicole Tardiff. The morning began with the select chorus singing the star spangled banner. Afterward, everyone proceeded to sit down and each student began chatting with the veteran they had been assigned.

According to Lily Hazelbaker, “There were about twenty veterans, give or take.”

The only students in attendance were those a part of Student Council, but everyone was welcome, if they were related to one of the veterans. Once the students had made connections with the veterans, they got up and read a biography about them. Finally, the videos made by classes from around the school thanking veterans for their service were played.

“The veterans were all very honored,” claims Arielle Korn.

Unlike the assemblies held in the past there wasn’t a keynote speaker. This year Student Council members, Lily Hazelbaker, Nicole Tardiff, and William Conley all took turns speaking. Additionally, Lily also read a poem in honor of the veterans.

There were many stories shared including one about a man who felt that the army saved his life. He now lives a happy life as a retired veteran with his family in Goffstown.

When asked why it’s important to have something like the Veteran’s Day breakfast, Arielle Korn says, “It’s really important to honor our veterans.”

Student Council will continue to have the breakfast in the years to come, and they always encourage students who know veterans to include them. Next year, when the breakfast rolls around, talk to some veterans you know and give them a chance to join in on this day of respect.