NHS Hosts 2023 Alumni Panel


GHS Hieber Theater

Kelly Arnold, Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 5th of 2023, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Hieber Theater at the high school, GHS alumni visited for a question and answer panel about life after GHS and what success means to them. This event was hosted by the National Honors Society with current GHS students, Matthew Stanton and Emily Charles interviewing the panel of former students. The questioning was then opened to the crowd. From left to right, sitting on the edge of the stage were GHS alums Brandon Korn, Harrison Spaltoff, Emily Hughes, Galvin Palmer, Camilla Leathers, Ella Roberts, and Sarah Gentili.

Last year’s seniors introduced themselves and shared what college they currently attend and their major and minor. Most of the colleges were those in the Northeast with the exception of where Galvin Palmer currently attends, Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Every alum shared their opinions on how to choose the right college with Sarah Gentili sharing, “it came down to how far I wanted to be from home.” Camilla Leathers commented, “I’m able to see my family every weekend I want so yes, location is important and how far or close you want family to be.” Whereas Brandon Korn shared, “I wanted to experience a different environment, something more urban. That’s why Northeastern was a good fit.” All alumni discussed location as a main factor in their college decision. Harrison Spaltoff and Brandon Korn advised, “when curating that college list, take a visit to see if you see yourself essentially living there for however many years you are planning on.” The rest agreed with their statement adding on elements from their college that differ from each other which led Brandon Korn to elaborate. Brandon is now a college tour guide for his college because he believes, “it helps so much to visit. You can compare and contrast, or even consider a more accessible option like virtual visits.” Everyone led with getting a feel for the campus before making that final decision. That feeling of going into the hallways you’ll be going up and down, getting that familiarity was encouraged.

This segued to decision making, what fits, what can you see getting familiar with. Ella Roberts painted a picture of how to narrow down colleges into three sections. “You have your top/reach, fit, and safety schools.” Emily Hughes added, “I did have those, but I incorporated my other interests like the music program and which college had both and good programs for both. As for money wise if that college is pricey, pell grants are a thing.” Choosing a college was a different process for each person on the panel.

Each GHS alumni each discussed life outside of the town of Goffstown. Camilla Leathers offered, “it’s exciting and nerve racking at the same time, so, find a proper balance in high school preparing for college. You’ll be set from the get go.”