Should Teens Work?


Kelly Arnold, working at her summer camp job.

Emma Boucher, Staff Writer

Lately, it feels like a lot of my peers are not concerned about working. However, having a job in high school makes sense. College is coming around, and you get more focused on how your resume looks. Sports, grades, clubs and volunteer work all take time away that could go to a job (Source 1). Another reason is some kids just don’t need to. Parents with well-paying jobs deserve to pay for their kids’ luxuries. Gas money, cars, and some leisure are all things parents help out with, when they can or want to. I think kids need to work. There is a great sense of responsibility that comes with a job, and it is not talked about enough.

Relying on your parents’ money is not a good way to prepare yourself for life. Working at a fast-food restaurant or a retail store not only teaches kids a good work ethic, but also gives them a sense of responsibility (Source 1). Having to go through a simple interview is much easier and gets you prepared for more serious jobs. Having to manage your time (Source 3) and stick to a routine will help create structure in a teenager’s life. It also helps ease teens into adulthood (Source 2). Adults have to work, and jumping straight into it won’t settle well for some young adults (Source 1). College is expensive, getting a head start and saving up money sooner can help you in the long run. Debt is serious and more teens are projected to be in debt as they grow older. 

Although jobs can add stress, teens have little time to relax and spending that time working can create more stress than needed. But it is shown that people with part-time jobs generally have better grades (Source 3). And the feeling of your childhood ending can be hard to stomach, but at some point, you have to grow up and take some responsibility for your own life. Depending on parents will not help forever. 


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