The Book Thief Review


Sarah Beaudoin, Staff Writer

Getting a new and interesting perspective on World War Two is always interesting, but what happens when this is from the perspective of a little girl from Germany who is just trying to survive her trauma? Markus Zusak does an excellent job in showing this story through the eyes of Liesel Meminger, narrated by Death. The Book Thief  tells the story of a Jewish fist fighter and people who never gave up. This story shows the reader a view of Nazi, Germany from perspectives nearly everyone can relate to. It also gives an inside view of how people reacted to losing someone to the war or being an outcast due to said war. 

It is not surprising when I say that WW2 is a traumatic time for this world, but readers don’t often see the views of both sides of it- seeing what the Jews went through and the impacts on the people witnessing these events. Each character develops so much over the course of the book and you easily grow to love the characters. People will often overlook the wars of the past and say it is just history, but it is so much more. Zusak makes this tale easy to follow and a great read for any and everyone who loves history.

I will admit that this book is not for everyone. It is the kind of book that will either have you reading cover to cover or it may be really hard to pick up and enjoy it. I’ve found that if you don’t like history or a lot of symbolism in books then this book may not be for you ,but I still encourage you to try it. This book may be the one that sparks a new interest in your life. I know it did for me.