Woodwind Ensemble

Isabelle Demers, Staff Writer

 A small group walks onto stage, holding different woodwind instruments. The whole theater goes quiet as they begin to get ready to play. There is a single moment of silence, less than seconds before they begin playing where you can hear a pin drop. Then, they begin to play.

Woodwind ensemble, or chamber winds, is one of the many select music groups at GHS. This group practices on the stage in the Hieber Theater from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.. It is a group composed of flutes and different types of clarinets. The group is led by Emily Charles, a senior who plays flute in the group.

Emma Bird, a freshman at GHS who is a member of chamber winds, states that they have “occasional guidance, but it’s a mostly student run organization.” The group performed two pieces at the winter concert called Bourée arranged by G.F. Handel and Danza de Hercules arranged by Matthew R. Putman. Bird states that she thinks the group is doing very well and she is proud of them.