Working for Market Basket as a Teen

Isabelle Demers, Staff Writer

Like many high schoolers, you might be thinking of getting your first job. One of the places that people often apply to is Market Basket. It’s a good job for teenagers and hires at 14. Emily Byam has been working for Market Basket for about half of a year. In order to obtain the job, Emily filled out an application, she was interviewed and asked basic questions, filled out lots of paperwork, then she was hired.

For training, employees are given a tour of the store, the lunch area, and instructed on the rules governing the employees. The trainee is then paired up with an employee who has been working there for a while and walks them through and explains the job. Byam says “I love being able to help people, I think it’s a great first job for so many people!”

She says that working at Market Basket has its ups and downs, including being able to make your own money but also the shifts can be tiring and there can be some rude customers. She states, “It’s fun when it’s not busy and you can talk to other friends/employees and interact with customers, so overall I love working there!”