GHS Florida Trip

Isabelle Demers, Staff Writer

Student members of GHS’s Music Department recently received the opportunity to travel to Florida for a few days to attend workshops taught at the Disney World Resort in Orlando. Students were able to visit three Disney parks and three Universal parks during their stay in Orlando. They also participated in a workshop at Epcot. Emily Wyman, a freshman member of the band, said that “the workshop was a really great experience. We got to learn different songs with a professional musician and got to play a song that went along with a scene from Tangled.”

Wyman states that she wished the trip could have been longer, as it was only four days, but other than that, she wouldn’t have changed anything. Her favorite part was to be on a trip with her friends and the opportunity to participate in the workshops. Overall, it was an exciting experience for her.

Emma Bird, who is also a freshman in the band, also had a great experience with the trip. She states that she wouldn’t change anything, and the only downside of the trip was going through airport security. She’s glad the department was able to have this trip, because “it was a great experience, and I felt myself improve as a player and the band as a whole.”