What is the Hardest Sport at GHS?

What is the Hardest Sport at GHS?

The quick answer is wrestling. Every wrestler will agree that it has the hardest practices, is the most disciplinary, and overall, the most challenging.

Freshman Willem Pierce, a star soccer player, believes there’s no other sport harder than wrestling, “cause you’re physically and mentally tired, and the stamina is so different. It’s called wrestling shape for a reason.” Pierce wrestles at the weight class 106. He’s been wrestling for three years.

Nothing is as demanding as wrestling. It takes time and discipline, you’re always exhausted, and it takes a toll on you mentally and physically. No other sport at GHS can compare to wrestling.

Sports at GHS don’t have to worry about maintaining a certain weight for months at a time. It requires many skills like strength, speed, and flexibility. You can argue other sports may need those skills but not to the same degree as wrestling. During a match it’s essential to be quick on your feet as well as precise. It’s individual on the mat but you’re a team and one screw up can impact your team. In soccer if the defense doesn’t stop the defender, you still have the goalie.

Sophomore Adrie Reeves who wrestled last year says, “the practices are hard, and you want to push yourself as much as you can for two hours.” which is the most challenging to her. Depending on the practice it can either push you to your limits physically and mentally as well as giving you limited time to learn new techniques. The practices usually involve calisthenics, conditioning, live wrestling, and positional training. All of this may have to be done while you’re cutting weight, so wearing layers of clothing on a large calorie deficit. 

Thanks to the coaches you’re also held at a higher standard. Senior Issac Aguire looks up to dev, “because he’s a man of his word and I’d like to be like him.” With role models like Joshoua Devriendt and Alex Paraskevas, the team strives to be better. You can’t just want to say you’re a wrestler you have to be all in. 

Although wrestling is the hardest sport at GHS it’s also one of the most rewarding. Senior Brodie Reeves believes the sport has made him a physically better athlete and has a better body connection. Reeves has also said, “Dev taught me to be a better person.” This sport teaches you to get what you want while being a good outlook. It teaches you discipline and respect. No other sport at GHS will have you get beat up and then shake hands with your opponent and their coach.

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