Student Council Attends Fall District Meeting

SC members participate in team building exercises at the fall district meeting in Londonderry.

On October 5th, members from Student Council took a bus over to Londonderry High School for the annual Fall Central District Meeting. These district meetings provide a chance for Student Council members from NH Central District High Schools to meet each other and be surrounded by those who are like-minded, in multiple aspects. When students arrived, they were greeted by kind Londonderry StuCo members, given name tags, and immediately began ice-breakers (games to “break the ice” between unfamiliar members). Afterward, they went out to the outfield of the baseball field to play games that taught leadership skills. For example, in one spin-off of rock, paper, scissors, teams must decide together what to present to the other team. Strategies, compromises, and leadership came alive immediately, with each team working together to win. Finally, the moment the members were looking forward to came- dinner time. Feasting on sandwiches and cookies, members from the Central District Council (including the Central District President- our very own Mitchell Scacchi) greeted all the members, and reminded them of important events and future district meetings. Overall, it was a fun way to kick off the year, and Student Council is looking forward to the next district meeting.