Bottle Flipping Ban


Richard Manzo, Contributing Writer

The class is going smoothly with spirits high. A few kids are eagerly typing their news reports to be passed in. A few others are watching a livestream. Others, still, are bottle flipping.  Suddenly, the tyrant who presides over the classroom ran over to the whiteboard to write the announcement that bottle flipping is permanently banned.

Bottle flipping is a trend in which people try to flip a partially-filled water bottle and land it in an upright position. However, on November 18, 2016, in a move widely considered to be an attack against the civil rights of students, Holly Pozin banned bottle flipping in the Journalism Honors class at Goffstown High School.

Harry Stinnett, a student in the class, said that the ban was an “attack on humanity. I may never recover from the emotional trauma inflicted on the entire room.” Other students have mentioned night terrors due to the ban.

Pozin says that she banned bottle flipping “because it’s a distraction.”