Poetry Slam


Poetry Slam winner Garrett Gifford with his mom Patty Iannazzo

Natalie Lapointe, Staff Writer

The senior class was buzzing on the morning of December 22, 2016. Some students were filled with excitement for their friends, and others were anxiously rehearsing their poems one more time to make sure they remembered what came after the title.

The room quieted as Mrs. Beauchemin stepped up to the podium and began informing the crowd of the second annual Senior slam poetry event. Mrs. Beauchemin went on to say that the seniors worked for a month and a half on the poems they were about to share in front of the audience in the theater. This year, there were twenty-two finalists, compared to last year’s twelve. This year’s finalists were judged by three staff members at Goffstown High school. These three lucky judges were Summer Whitmore, Ashley Lafond, and Kylie Connolly.

Mrs. Beauchemin announced the first reader, Olivia Gagne, who shared her poem of her account of one very emotional Mother’s Day. Dominic Prive was next. Third to read his poem was Garrett Gifford. Garrett’s poem, “My Rock”, was a very emotional poem he had written in dedication of his mother. The poem was an account of Garrett’s point of view of how strong he thought his mother was for raising two children on her own. After his performance on stage, Garrett concluded his performance by walking off stage to the front row of the audience, and scooping his mother into a very sentimental hug.

“I thought it went great- just like I had practiced,” Garrett commented after his performance. Garrett’s poem was created by the an inspiration that came from both his mother and his family. Everyone in the audience was in tears as Garrett recited the poem that he had worked so hard on.

Garrett returned to his seat and continued to watch the rest of the senior finalists recite their poems. In the final minutes of the Slam Poetry event, the judges deliberated the three final finalists of the Second Annual Senior Slam Poetry event.

Everyone resumed to their seats as Mrs. Beauchemin stood again, at the podium. She asked for all of the contestants to join her on stage as well as Ms. Whitmore, one of the judges, to announce the finalist. Once pictures were taken and everyone was seated, Ms. Whitmore announced the three Finalists, starting with second-runner up, Izzi Cronin. The First Runner-up was Sam Martel. The winner of the Slam Poetry event was Garrett Gifford.

“I can’t be more proud of him!” said Patty Iannazzo, Garrett’s mother, who was in the crowd. Patty said she was so amazed by the depth of Garrett’s words. “They were so on point,” she added.

“It feels awesome! I’m so pumped!” commented Garrett, after the event had concluded and the audience fled back to class.

Poetry Slam Top 3 from L to R, Izzy Cronin, Garrett Gifford, and Sam Martel
Top 22 Contestants