Medical staff versus COVID-19


Marlena Malloch

Stethoscope and a homemade mask

Marlena Malloch, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has recently been dubbed a pandemic. It started in Wuhan, China, and eventually made its way to America. As Americans, we were not prepared for this quick spread of the virus. Hospitals began to quickly run out of medical supplies like masks, scrubs, gloves, ventilators, and much more. Nurses and Doctors have had to resort to wearing the same masks for weeks or even months which is very unhygienic and dangerous to the staff. Normally, they would throw the masks out after a shift. Custom fit masks that last months exist, but those are expensive and many hospitals don’t have the funds. Ventilators have become an issue for hospitals too. A ventilator is a device that pushes oxygenated air into the lungs of patients that are having difficulty breathing. Many hospitals cannot keep up with the growing demands for ventilators. As a matter of fact, ventilator use has been proven to be mostly ineffective when it comes to this virus. Many people who were already sick have a higher chance of dying. Those health problems include diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Not only is this detrimental physically to hospital staff, it is also mentally detrimental to them. Many have been working overtime in order to keep up with the surplus of patients. Some of medical workers have not been able to go home because they either have an immune-compromised family member at home or they need to stay close to work because home is too far away. It’s heart-wrenching especially for parents with younger kids. Luckily, with the technology we have, they have been able to stay in touch via Facetime or text. Hotels have been giving discounts for rooms to nurses and doctors, so they can catch a small break. It’s not just hospitals but nursing homes that are on edge. Nursing homes have more people with health issues which can be tricky for not just the staff but also the families of those in the nursing home.

I would like to personally thank all of the medical staff during this time for not only working during this time but also every other time. They all have put themselves on the front lines during the COVID-19, Ebola, Polio, and even the Spanish Flu. If you, the reader, have a family or friend or even just someone you know please take the time to thank them for their work, even if they are retired or doing something else in the medical field. They are the true heroes when it comes to a pandemic like this. Thank you.