2017 Homecoming Dress up Days


Morgan Bennett, Staff Writer

This year’s Homecoming Week included a variety of activities that students could participate in including the 2017 Dress up Days. The week of October 16th through the 20th, students at Goffstown High dressed their best in creative costumes and outfits. Prior to homecoming, students voted for their desired dress up days, votes were tallied, and dress up days were announced. Monday would be GHS pride day, Tuesday – Twin day, Wednesday – Disney day, Thursday – Hippie Day, and Friday – Class Colors. Each class earned points if they participated in the dress up days. Classes could earn points in a number of different activities, the class with the most points took 1st place during homecoming week. Kaeli Jutrif a Sophomore at GHS said “It was interesting to see the reaction of the freshman, on Monday. I think they got the idea that Dress up Days are a pretty big deal”.

This year’s voting for dress up days was done a bit differently from past years. Students were told to go to a link and submit their vote online. From there, votes were tallied and dress up days were chosen. The week started off on Monday students and teachers were decked out in maroon for GHS pride. On Tuesday it was hard to tell students apart their identical outfits were perfect for the occasion. Wednesday students dressed in their creative Disney costumes, disguised as Disney characters from the classic movies and shows. Thursday students and teachers arrived to school in their hippie outfits, bringing us back in time to the 1960s. Finally, on Friday students were dressed their best, in class colors.

For class colors freshmen wore black, sophomores wore pink, juniors wore maroon, and seniors wore white. At the end of the day GHS gathered in the gymnasium to watch and compete in the battle of the classes. Students cheered on their peers as they played games and danced. The assembly came to an end and the winning classes were announced. Seniors took first place, earning the most points out of all classes.