Death of Rap Pioneer


Emma Shanahan, Staff Writer

On June 18th, 2018, in Deerfield Beach, FL, famous rapper XXXTentacion was found murdered in his car while leaving a motorsports store shortly before 4 p.m.. Jahseh Onfroy, his legal name, is mourned by many through social media, and many are posting “RIP X” and sending their prayers. Many celebrities have also shared their thoughts on the subject.

While some such as Kanye West have shared their regrets of not telling X how he felt, and how respected he was, other people show no remorse for his passing.

This is due to a few smaller reasons, and a couple more significant ones.

Many had a hard time taking a liking to the rapper’s style of music, to begin with. It was influenced by heavy metal, and was somewhat of an acquired taste. His songs were either frowned upon for not really being music at all, or respected for his pioneering of a new form of rap.

XXXTentacion represented expression. He represented how to be yourself, and do what you want to do, regardless of what others think. He was respected mostly for doing so in the public eye. X subjected himself to the scrutiny and disparagement of anyone and everyone.

In an interview on April 24th, 2016, he reveals stories from his past about physical abuse to his past cellmates in prison.

It was later discovered that he also abused his pregnant girlfriend, and was furthermore charged with robbery and assault.

These are the larger, more influential aspects of Mr. Onfroy’s life that draw up the question of whether or not one does feel sympathy towards his death.

Musician John Mayer posted:


“Just a thought:

Instead of dismissing someone’s murder because they had troubles and didn’t make music you got into, do me a favor and just practice a little empathy. Instead of finding a way to write it off, say to yourself sincerely “that’s too bad.” It’ll make you an even better person. I promise.”


Directly expressing his view point on the matter.

Raising the questions:

Does one forget the mistakes of another when their life is stolen from them at an early age?

Does anyone have the right not to forget the mistakes after something so tragic?


Maybe that is a problem in society today…

That yes, everyone makes mistakes, and yes some are much bigger than others, and those may be unforgivable mistakes. But even after someone’s opportunity to do better, and make change, and follow their dreams, is stolen from them, society still can’t find it in their hearts to stop dwelling on such mistakes and show a little remorse.

So maybe each individual reading this article will stand differently on their emotion towards the death of

Jahseh Onfroy. But please keep in mind that we are reflecting on the tragedy that is his death… not reflecting on his life.