Charging the Halls of GHS!


Adrianna Longhi, Staff Writer

Have you seen the new charging stations around the school and wonder, “Why are these here?” “Where did they come from?” Well, you’re not the only one who is curious about the new addition to the GHS halls!

Charging stations are now taking over the halls of Goffstown High School. They can be found in the theater lobby, gym lobby, main office, library and in front of the school store area. These charging stations were a gift to the students of GHS. Having many students participating in extracurricular activities and needing to stay late after school, these charging stations give students a chance to charge their electronics during the late nights at the school.

The biggest question being asked by teachers and students all over the school is “where did these charging stations come from?” These charging stations were purchased by GHS. The charging stations are now opening more ideas to enhance the halls of GHS. Many students know about the “Hallway to Nowhere.” Now, this hallway is possible new location of the charging stations along with the possibility of new benches according to Ms. McCann, Assistant Principal at GHS.